Homemade Brunost, Mesost, Gjetost, & Messmor

When making butter and cheese this weekend- I tried my hand at one of my favorite whey cheeses ( not really a cheese since it is made from whey- ( no way!)
GJetost, and Messmør and Mesost- goat and cow's milk whey reduced and caramelized cheeses.. Buttery, sweet and high in iron and protein and a favorte of skiers...
It takes forever- ( about 6-8 hours) to simmer the whey down- but then it is like making pralines.. or a good dark roux.
I love it.
Brunost- brown cheese
Mesost- made with cow whey
Gjetost- goat whey
Messmor- buttery mesost spread.
They are truly the Godiva of cheeses!
here are some photos of the process:


New garden furniture

It was a birthday gift. The cats and birds love it. It's where we snack on fresh peanuts of course!

Country Standoff for the Whey

When I make goat cheese, the whey gets put in a green bowl outside.Then the cats & the geese jockey for the bowl. The geese won today. Sorry Bootsy!

Hot Summer Sunsets

One of the things about the hot summer days
it that the sunsets are still magnificent!!

Making my own butter-9

That's all it takes. Now it's time for toast.
You can drink the remaining buttermilk,
or use it for baking or make cheese out of it.
It's delicious, fresh and good for you.

Making my own butter-8

Time to take the butter and press out the remaining buttermilk by working it with a spatula or wooden spoon.

Making my own butter-7

Finally the butter starts to clump to itself as the buttermilk separates out.

Making my own butter-6

Then it will start to break down into butter and buttermilk.

Making my own butter-5

The the cream will start to pull away from the sides a bit.

Making my own butter-4

Then watch and wait.
First it will become whipped cream of course.

Making my own butter-3

Put on th lid and turn it on.
I have only low and high.
Both work just fine, I've made it with Low only, high, only and a combination of both. It really doesn't seem to matter with my machine.

Making my own butter-2

Add the heavy cream. If you know a diary farmer- great! If not- there are plenty of brands to choose from in your local grocery store. Try them all and see which one you like.

Making my own butter-1

I've been making my own butter and cheeses.
The butter tastes fresh and delicious, has no salt or additives and lasts about a week.
Here are some images of the butter making process from fresh heavy whipping cream to finished product. First get a great food processor- I use a pint of cream per batch- because mine is rather small.

Chickens & Geese are laying


The Full Yellow Moon through the Trees

Thirsty Mr. Nibbles

Mr. Nibbles is out in the early evening looking for water on this hot day. We left him some by the garden.

Farewell Morning Forest

The developers have plans for you.
You have provided shade and comfort to so many living things. I will never forget your inspirational image in the morning light.