Cold Front

The weather turned very cold this week.
Here is a picture of the lake with the low clouds moving over it.

Porch Door

We finally got the door up on our glassed in porch.
The inside still needs to be finished and caulked, and then painted, as well as the outside..
It was a lot of hard work. What color should we paint the door? it will not remian red- as the paint is coming off...


Canis lupis-Grey Wolf tracks ?

The other night, our dog went crazy barking loudly at the window in the middle of the night. The next morning- there were a few tracks outside in the pea gravel, twice the size of our dog's paws. Here is a photo of one with our dog's track barely visible next to it. It is heavier than he is and he weighs 120 lbs. It also has long claws- so it is not a cat, as the big cat tracks have paw marks without signs of the claws. It is my understanding that it could be a grey or possibly a red wolf, but it is not a coyote, as they are much smaller and lighter. To find out more about the wolf in America-click on the title above. The sound file sounds alot like the howls that we hear on occasion in winter. I'll keep you posted if I see more.



We think that the
local elementary school
has put together the
best collection of
scarecrows that we
have ever seen...


Marie Pavie

Marie Pavie is in her third year in our garden and she is finally making progress.Here is a photo of her most recent blooms.

Passiflora Vitifolia

Our newest and most beautiful passion flower finally bloomed-
It is bright red. I can't wait to taste the fruit!