Hercules in Repose in the Pines

He is growing every day.

Polka -Dot Carnival Meat loaf

Easy and fast-
Mix Fresh ground turkey with frozen peas.
Serve sliced on toast with Purple Onions and
Yellow Mustard for a Full Mardi Gras Flavor!

Cherry Bounce

A family tradition that my maternal Grandfather shared with me. Made possible by the wild cherry laurels that are planted by birds every year, and a delicious Carnival experience. Happy Mardi Gras Pa-Pa!

Magnolia liliiflora

A sure sign that Spring is around the corner,
These lovely blooms are from what locals call
a Japanese Magnolia, but are actually native
to southwest China - Sichuan & Yunnan
Their scent is delicate and lovely. Our tree is
planted by the gate and it greets us daily as
we pass through.

Cast Cat Tracks

Although these paws are stacked to take the photo,
you can still see that they are cat tracks, especially
from the one on the left.