Busy Bees unwrapping Camellia Gifts

One of the nicest things about Christmas Day,
was that early in the morning,
The bees were all busy on the Camellias.

That is one of the most wonderful things
about planting winter blooms,
is to see the life that they bring to the garden.

Seafoam in Winter

The "Seafoam" Camellia Japonica
that we planted several years ago
finally bloomed.
It was worth the wait...

We finally built a fire this winter


While gathering kindling for the fireplace, we found lots of
Parmotrema stuppeum or "powder-edged ruffle lichen" or Phaeophyscia ciliata "smooth shadow lichen"
hummingbirds often use the lichen bits to camouflage their nests
To find out more about lichen click on the title above...

Feeders are active

The bird feeders are active now that the temperatures have dropped for the winter...

The Goldfinches have arrived...

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