Christmas Dinner

This Christmas we stayed home and cooked; Homemade duck liver pate with green lentils dijon and cilantro- followed by herb salad with our own lentil sprouts, served with crumbled homemade farmers cheese that I made today and sliced avocado.
Then roasted red pepper duck with steamed spinach, blue, red and yellow roast potatoes with poppyseed and peppercorns- served with home made jezabelle sauce that was a delicious Christmas gift and semolina roux duck gravy made with fresh Louisiana Sweet navel oranges. We topped it off with a home made apple pear tart with fresh chantilly cream and a dollop ( small ) of almond ice cream.
and of course , some sweet tea.
Merry Christmas Everyone.

Goats and Christmas

Here's Lookin'at you Kid!

The Goat is one of the oldest Scandinavian Christmas symbols.
They even build giant wooden ones and set fire to them.
Santa has been depicted riding goats instead of reindeer.
Tomte, or Nisse, also rode Goats and wore red and came into and around the house at night, protecting the farmers families and their children and flocks.. kinda like elves... or Gnomes!! and don't forget that
Thor- the God of Thunder actually drives a chariot driven by goats named goats Tanngrisnir and Tanngnj├│str. Evidently Thor was red headed and he wore red too.
So this Christmas, don't let anyone "get your goat"!

A Message from the Christmas Pigs

This time of year, it is easy to over indulge, so here are a few experts to talk to you about the dangers of overeating during the holidays. Enjoy!
A Message from the Christmas Pigs