Peace blooms after the rain

We had a little rain and
a few of the roses bloomed-
David Austin's Abraham Darby is on the left
Chicago Peace is on the right
I wish you could smell
the sweetness of them both.



It has started to get cooler in the evenings-
from the 50's to the 70'
so the chickens stopped laying..
The ducks started laying...
we bought some heat lamps and will warm up the chickens-
they usually like that.
The hummers are fewer at the feeders..
and the lightning bugs have started to glow down the hill.
A few gardenias are blooming and
we need to cut back the clematis on the camellias...
Much work to do in the garden before colder weather comes.


To Kiss a Hummingbird

I was home sick
this week and
my dogs alerted.
They were barking
at a young male
hummingbird that
had been attacked
by other males
and was hanging
on the feeder-
stuck somehow
in between the
flowers and the
I went outside-
got him loose-
gave him a kiss
and let him go..



Gustav dropped 6 inches plus on us- and 1 inch more on the next day..
Maxed out our rain gauge!! The garden loved it...
Our Natchitoches Noisette is blooming with happiness...
The geese were happy to have us home too.


Hummers in the rain

Roses bowing to the rain

Tropical Storm Fay's outer bands
left a welcome 1 and 1/4 inches
of rain in the garden today.


Web spinner

Saw this pretty little (1 inch) spider in between my rose bushes the other day.
She had spun a beautiful round web that was hard to photograph because of the lack of contrast of web on white background. Anyone know what kind she is?


Snap, Flash, Pop! Rain

If you can hear thunder- you can be struck by lightning! We had some great rain yesterday with lots of thunder and lightning. I saw a flash and hear a snap. I immediately went back inside.


We finally got some rain...

This morning it rained
1-1/4 inches at 11:30am
brought the temps down
to 74'F. Thanks Dolly!