Geese bathing etiquette

Now that the embden's are older, they try to bathe all together in the water trough by the well. They do not take turns like the older brown geese, who are quite polite and patient with each other.

Winter blooms continue

The rest of the camellias are finally starting to bloom.
The Seafoam japonica is still blooming and the
Red "Showgirl?" japonica is also blooming by the fence.
I am waiting on the Ave Maria and the Pink perfection...
Winter blooms continue

Grumpy Geese

The geese are not very happy about the lack of green things to eat.
I planted some rye grass in the south yard- but it hasn't come up yet.

New Baby Charolais

I saw a baby bull
take its first steps
and its first drink
of milk the other day.

What a beautiful thing indeed to start the new year.
The breed is a Charolais: Originally from France. They range in color from creamy white to light buff and are very sturdy.