Guess the Gourd!

This "volunteer" gourd showed up in our garden and we let it grow.
now it's time to "Guess the Gourd!" Do you know what kind it is?
it has small paperwhite blooms, and large leaves.
We have never grown any gourds and it just showed up in our garden
among the chives and onions!?!

Lycoris radiata

These lillies are blooming now. some people call them Hurricane lillies,
my Grandmother called them "naked ladies" because they bloomed without their leaves, which grow up later.

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“Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise.”

Looks like we are in for some "weather" as the ants are building up their nests here on the hill at 157 feet above sea level. The white cranes are nesting up here too.
So-I checked the weather website and found a tropical storm may form and pass over the gulf this week. The ants know. What are the ants doing in your neighborhood this week?


The beautiful
white clematis
that we thought was
totally destroyed
by the free ranging
chickens has returned
in full bloom.