Deer in the HeadLights

She was a cute and she had many friends with her. They were foraging for leftover popcorn and other human treats at the local park. Hungry but very graceful, they looked well fed. Amazing how their eyes reflected the camera flash so brightly.

Winter Light

In Winter, the Sun dips way south and illuminates the metal panels behind the wood burning stove, lighting up the room in the rosy pinks of dawn.

Knitting Graphited Fiberglass

Our stove is an old model and I needed to replace some fiber frax on the back- couldn't find any. So I bought some graphite coated fiberglass rope, unwound it and knitted my own. Made a mess of my hands and gloves- but it works just fine.

Chilly? Come join us by the fire...

Vog's Fire from Vog Thorstar on Vimeo.

Warmth in our House, is the Fire in the Wood-burning Stove

Our House is as Blue as the Sky

Happiness is a Stocked Woodpile