Fresh Figs

Delicious!-Just starting to come in...

Our Blueberries

Despite the drought 
and the wild birds  and animals who, 
in their hunger have demolished 
much of our crops this year- 
We did get some blueberries. 
They were delicious!


Lunchtime Adventures

Storm Clouds on Lake Pontchartrain
Oak Trees Reflected in  the Waves on the Mandeville Lakefront

My favorite Ditch Full of Lush Cat-tails in Covington

Bull and Calve Studies for New Paintings

My favorite Bull
Very Powerful Bull

Heart- headed Calf
 I am working on new paintings of  Bulls, Cows and Calves. We went to an event and saw some really beautiful ones. These are a few images from the studies I took. I am glad that there was a very high strong fence between me and the Bulls!

Early Morning Stars

I woke up at 4:30am and went out to take a few pictures of the stars.