Rosemary blossoms

Have you
ever tasted
rosemary blossoms??
they are tiny
sweet and
slightly tangy
like the
rosemary leaves.

Success with Lillies after all

I planted these lillies
for the first time this year,
not knowing what would happen.
Well, the freeze seemed to kill them off,
then, suddenly- there they are again,
two have bloomed and here they are!
Many thanks to our friend Mr. Bissel
who suggested that we plant them.
Mille Mercis Monsieur!

Camellias are still blooming!

It is the middle of March and the Camellias are still blooming! I do not know what variety this is, other than Japonica, perhaps "Dawns Early Light"?? Which was suggested by a local expert.. but the bees and hummingbirds love it.

Spiraea Arguta

Bridal wreath is the common name- planted it also.. It is more commonly planted alternately with fushia azaleas than the popcorn spirea and more speading in habit and the deer don't seem to like it that much, which is a good thing.

Spirea Popcorn

This is Spirea Popcorn,
which I planted
to add contrast
to the gardens
deep greens.

Azaleas and Figs

Azaleas are in their showy bloom stage and the fig tree is just starting to sprout new leaves.


Nothing makes a garden smile like a gathering of pansies.

magnolia fuscata

a native to China.. it blooms beautifully fragrant, like sweet ripe bananas...
it is just budding out now with blooms.

Blackberry Blossoms

For such a robust rich earthy taste they sure have delicate sparse little blossoms...

Huckleberry blossoms

The huckleberries and wild bluberries and blackberries are blooming now..
I hope that we have enough rain for them to prosper this spring.