First cold of the season.

A cold rain fell this weekend. Slow and steady..Well, we lit a fire in the stove and we had some root vegetables and lentils for dinner, but chills and sore throat have descended on us this weekend. I hope that the sun comes out and chases the chills away...

Go Tell Aunt Rhody

It has been a sad day.
We lost our last beautiful white Embden goose yesterday.
His name was "Hans". I'm not sure what killed him, but he had a circular wound on his face. At first, I thought it might be a from a bullet, as it was very round and extremely swollen, but then I thought it may be a puncture wound from an animal attack, as there was a smaller wound to the left and esp. since it seemed to have happened at night. I am not sure how here died, but I will miss him very much. So do the other geese. They are very upset and the older female is calling for him and making the rounds looking for him. Hans, like other Embdens, had the most beautiful blue eyes...