Christmas Dinner

Slow roasted Leg of Lamb with Minted Jezebel Sauce, Hand Mashed Potatoes with Lamb drippings and baby portabello gravy, Steamed broccoli florets with lemon juice and chopped Melissa (lemon balm), Grilled green onions ( the man of the house's favorite) and a Louisiana citrus /tomato salad with a Pepper vinegarette.Sweet Green tea with lemon.
Hot chocolate for dessert.

Truly Hand Mashed Taters

Christmas Gifts from the Chickens-Thanks Girls!

A Favorite at our house for Christmas Music - Sing along!

More Music for Christmas from Prague

Joyeux Noel!

Christmas Stollen

Delicious with Café Au Lait for Breakfast while the
Chef prepares the feast- Lamb and root vegetables
are in the oven roasting now...

Merry Christmas from Our House to Yours