Passionflower ( Passiflora incarnata) Bloom

In South Louisiana I grew up calling these Maypop!
They are also known as-Espina de Cristo ; Christus-Krone; Christus-Strauss; Dorn-Krone; Jesus-Leiden; Marter; Muttergottes-Stern; Clock-flower; Tokeisō ; Krishnakamala; Tumbos and Lilikoʻi. The flavoring of Hawaiian punch comes from the Liliko'i vine's fruit. The "passion" refers to the Passion of Christ- and there is much religious symbolism referenced in the shapes of the flower and vines. There are over 500 species in the genus Passiflora! Click on the title above to connect to the Passionflower Research Network and lean more
and/ or click here for the the Passiflora Society International

Butterflies on the Elderberry Bush

They are an amazing plant that grow wild in my yard.
Why do Elderberries matter? Click on the title above to find out more about Elderberries and also click here for Cornell University's page about Elderberries.

Delicious Homemade Ricotta with Pepper Crust

Quick to make, and great with crackers or homemade fresh bread! I use Mauthe's Milk & fresh lemon juice to give it a light fresh flavor, and creamy texture.


Rain -Relief from the Heat

We have had a few scorching days thanks to a blocking HIgh pressure that has been sitting on our heads the last few days. Yesterday evening we had a VERY electrical storm that lit up the night with a refereshing rain that left a half of an inch in the garden. This morning we have had another nice thunderstorm leave another half inch.. Hope they continue.

Bobcat (Lynx rufus)

Yesterday evening at dusk, we were travelling near the trace and a beautiful bobcat leaped across the road. He was about 25 lbs and magnificent with his little ruff , pointy ears and cut tail. It was darkish not a creamy beige like most images of bobcats, and had spotted markings and very powerful muscles as the jump was pretty much across the road and landing legs full out, into the ditch area. Usually we only see these beautiful animals along the road because someone has hit them. I'm glad that he did not get hit. With all of the growth of human population in the area, especially post-Katrina and the continual disappearance of the wetlands, I am sure that their habitat has been impacted. In the Ozarks, these are of a melanistic strain and are called Black Howlers. He certainly did look melanistic, or at least a darker brown than most photos I have seen. It was too quick for me to take a photo..He just jumped- and then he disappeared into the woods.