Hyla cinerea

We used to have just one frog in the mailbox
Everyday we would get the mail and
he would be there- so we named him "Prince"
Now he has a friend that we nicknamed "Princess"
They both hang out in the mailbox together.

North Porch

The geese love to graze in the north yard.

Striped blooms

I bought this Rose-
and it is finally blooming.
I like the striped roses-
although they don't have much scent-
they remind me of camellias.

Big Charolais

Our neighbor's Charolais Bull is beautiful.
Just don't get to close to him or his girls...


Bootsie is a new cat
that has been hanging around with Lakeview
and especially around feeding time...
We nicknamed it Bootsie

Shallot blooms

These are Shallot blooms.
Aren't they exotic?