Sprouting Sprouts

I have been growing my own sprouts this summer.It is easy. They taste fresher. I can make my own mix! I prefer radish, broccoli, lentil and alphalpha, with a little mung and sunflower for texture..
It is great on salads and sandwiches and I also like to float them on cool summer soups.

Creamier Texture

This time when I made cheese.
I added a pint of heavy cream to the mix.
It has a much creamier texture!

More Peppered hearts

Louisiana Moon

The Louisiana Moon
smiles down at me
through the
tall sugar pines.

It laughs
at my wanderings.

"Be still."
it whispers.

The cicada
Rising and falling
with a steady rythm
like waves breathing.

The breeze
the amphibious
choral responses.

The moon
laughs again.
The breeze returns
and persists.

The pines dance.

The night is alive
in a joyous
celebration of life.

Life on the Road

Life on the Road is a blur...
a highlighted,
marked down the middle,
following the stars.
blur of scenery...
waiting to stop
with the moon.