Proud Protective Parents - Rex and Zulu

Grazing in the Shade

Great Gaggle!

Goslings Grazing in the Grass

Bonnie's Rains Wash the Camellias

Bonnie's Rains

4 and 1/2 inches of rain from Bonnie!

We had a big rainstorm come thorugh this morning early. The Dogs both jumped on the bed and tried to get inbetween us ! They were shaking from the thunder. The garden and hill got a great soaking! About 4 1/2 inches on the rain gauge.
We also decided to let the 7 young goslings roam free of their brooder coop.
I'll post some photos soon-just check back.


Hungry Hummingbird Syrup Recipe

The hummingbirds have drained the feeders..
Time to refill them.
Hungry Hummingbird Syrup Recipe
one part ordinary white cane sugar to four parts water- no boiling necessary.
(1 quart of sugar to 4 quarts of water-I have alot of guests)
and refrigerate unused syrup till next feeding.
I also have Passion flower vines, Red Salvia which they love-
and I planted "Ham&Eggs" -Lantana- which also attracts the butterflies.
Some people rub trees with overripe bananas and molasses to attract butterflies- but I find that Lantana succeeds quite nicely.
If you are interested in learning more about hummingbirds-
This is the lady who taught me and many others about these tiny precious creatures-
Local expert and bander Linda Beall
Her Hummingbird Website if packed full of great information:

Want to attract hummingbirds to your garden?
Click PLANTS on the lower left for some great information - and read:
Attracting Birds to Southern Gardens
by Thomas Pope, Neil Odenwald & Charles Fryling, Jr
The Wildlife Gardner's Guide to Hummingbirds and Songbirds from the Tropics
By Susan Day, Ron Rovansek & Jack Griggs
Hummingbird Gardens
by Nancy Newfield & Barbara Nielsen
also see these Hummingbird websites:


Two Snuggling Baby Wrens

Nap time

Cautious Chick Close-up

Hungry Chicks refelected in a mirror

Baby Chicks refelected in a mirror

Wren Chicks Update

Citrus- Set this year

Louisiana Sweet- Set first this year

Broken fig Branch- time to put up the netting

To try and stop the "night creatures"( raccons & opossums) from destroying our tree!

First Picked Figs of 2010

Did you know that figs are pollinated by Wasps??
There are 900 species of fig wasp, and each is responsible for pollinating one or two species of fig plant. Without these tiny insects, there would be no figs -- and vice versa.
Yes- do not kill or spray wasps if you want to get figs!
Click here to learn more about figs and wasps

We Love our Figs on Salad

This is it for Asian Pears

The Fireblight got us good this year : (

Grapes are ripening

Goose Parade

The new studio sign at night

Into the Wind...

Perfect weathervanes-
Killdeer always point into the wind..
They would make a great sailing companion!

En garde!

Killdeer activity at Dusk in the Parking Lot

While getting into my car at dusk
in the parking lot of a local store
I noticed a flurry of killdeer activity.


One Big Blue Berry

A close up of this marvelous treat.
The birds got most this year
since we didn't put up the netting.
But the ones that we did get were
oh! so! juicy!-
They were pretty good this year-
but we were lucky to get a cup..
No pie or jam this season-
Maybe next year!

Wild Blackberries

So sweet and full in flavor.

Clematis Seed Pods

Asian Pears

The fireblight really got them..
We still have a few- delicious!

Aren't They Magnificent?

Why I Plant Parsley!

Pelican on the Lake during Alex's Rains

Jenny Wren Built a Nest for Her Chicks!

Can you see
the little yellow beak
in the shadows??