Pear Blossoms

If they can survive the freeze, the blight, and the fenceline and electric trimmers, then we should have some nice pears this year...

Celeste's Irises

My sister gave me these irises to plant in my garden over 10 years ago. When we moved- I divided them and planted some in our garden here, next to the guest bedroom window. They are blooming beautifully this year!

Wisteria- again!

I could photograph it all day. It smells so sweet.


This year I planted them again. I love them in a salad.

Fresh Growth

The herb garden is so happy after the rain; oregano, marjoram and thyme!

Thistle Time

Fig leaves

Blackberry blossoms

Freeze warning in April?

Tonight I will teach and then go home and cover my plants since it may freeze for at least three hours!?! Not what we are used to here.. but we'll get through it.