Double Delight

Recent rains have helped the roses to bloom. "Double Delight" is one of them. Highly fragrant- the deer and rabbits do not favor it as they do "Iceberg", and the color is as delightful as the fragrance.

The Rustic Brown Rabbit Diner

If you look closely, you can see evidence of the local rabbit's wanderings. The pine bark has become his dinner platter.

Red-headed Woodpecker

Red-headed Woodpecker
(Melanerpes erythrocephalus)
Thanks to Katrina and lots of insect infested pine trees.. The Red-headed Woodpeckers have been very busy in our area. They laugh and swoop swiftly through the yard and pines. According to Greek mythology, Picus was a son of Saturn, and he was turned into a woodpecker by Circe when he rejected her. The Red-headed Woodpecker is listed as a vulnerable species in Canada and is listed on multiple state threatened species lists in the United States. click here to learn more

Blue Asters-Grandma's favorite

Dew laden web

Ilex vomitoria-Yupon Berries

Ilex vomitoria-yupon Berries-The birds love them!


Tiffany Rose

Julio Iglesias Rose

This rose doesn't bloom very often- but I love it's unexpected and unpredictable stripes!

White Clematis

the geese just about killed it last year and I thought it was gone...
It came back nicely this year.

Mushroom cap

Butterfly Favorite-Lantana

Or- as my grandma called them- "Ham and eggs"

Time for new wood

Praying mantis on the roses


Fall decorations at the gate

Watch Chef Chili Sugarfoot Making Biscuits

Chef "Chili" Sugarfoot

We have a new addition; his name is Chef "Chili" Sugarfoot, since he is constantly "makin' biscuits" and he was acquired on the way to get some chili for my husband for dinner. He is about 4 months old. He had been surviving on chicken nuggets and other hand outs. We got him fixed and his vacs and wellness check. Now he is sleeping contentedly on the porch.


Pelicans on the Lake

Pelican activity on the lake has increased this week for both great white pelicans, such as the one that graces our state flag, and also for the brown pelican.
They have very different ways of hunting- the brown pelicans hunt alone or in "squadrons" flying low and then high and crashing straight down into the water, to catch fish as they dive down into the water with their beaks open.  The great whites, hunt in "rafts" as a group and flap their wings and beaks to run fish into the shallows or to each other and then scoop them into their pouches together as a collective.. hence the original state motto Non Sibi Sed Suis- not for oneself, but for one's group or one's own.... In the 7 years that I have been photographing along the causeway- and for my life lived in Louisiana.. I have never seen as many rafts of white pelicans feeding in the lake as I have this week.


New Baby Chicks

Americaunas that will hopefully grow to lay more blue/ green eggs...