Felus rufus

This morning
on the way to work,
near the "quickstop",
we saw an animal
that had been hit,
probably last night
or early this morning.
It was a beautiful
female bobcat or
"Felus rufus"
I had never been
that close to a
wild cat before-
so I did not know
about the white spots
on the back of its ears.
It was a beautiful animal. Such a shame to have been killed that way.
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Wrong Way Rudolph!

We recently put up
our weathervane that
we got on sale
for very little.
It had the East West
axis backwards!!
We fixed it.
Now Rudolph
can tell
which way
the wind is blowing...


Here's the latest Buzz..

Even with the weather changing to cool
Our sunflower is buzzing with
lots of activity...