Snowy Gaggle

Icy Snow

Friday Snow

The rain and sleet started yesterday and into the night with icy conditions.The bulk of the snow starting this morning... a very wet snow that didn't float down, but rather fell more weighted, like rain. We had some light accumulation. Schools here closed and people were asked to stay off the roads.


Circus Cat

Whenever we drive, Chilli likes to jump on the rooftop, wait for the door to open and then peer in over our heads. He's very funny. Sometimes he chases the windshild wipers.

Big Beautiful Angus!

Very cared for, as gentle as could be, and enormous! Not sure of the other breeds, but I know the Angus because of their incredibly dense dark fur.


The night creatures descended on Isis and her nest and took all her eggs. I woke up when I heard her crying. She whimpered all night moaning the loss of her clutch. Such a mournful sound, I cried along with her.