Hummingbird Hill Hearty Buckwheat Bread

Wonderful toasted
Great with Pumpkin Soup
perfect with local honey

Second Rise
Measured and Cut

Leave alone to rise
Add Active Yeast
Adding Spices - Cinnamon and Peppers
Blending Buckwheat into the Bread Flours
Here is my 
Hummingbird Hill Hearty Buckwheat Bread recipe:
1c buckwheat flour
2c bread flour
1c warm water
active yeast
1/4 c honey or sugar
 2 tbs oil
Cinnamon and peppers to taste
 Mix, knead, let rise, 
Punch down, knead, place in pans, let rise
bake at 350-375'F until done.
©2011- all rights reserved

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