Happy Thanksgiving

We have so much to be thankful for-
that it would take forever to list...
We are thankful for the farmers and dairymen and women who grow the foods that we eat everyday. We are thankful for the men and women who are in uniform, we are thankful to our veterans also-served or serving our country here and abroad, allowing us to sit down to this meal today. We are thankful for our readers, who read about our adventures and misadventures in our little life in the blue house on the hill. We are thankful for the adventurers, like the first Pilgrims, and the tolerent and generous like the Native Americans who shared with them, without whom, we would not be sharing this feast and this day.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone...

Roast Butternut Squash

Roast Butternut Squash for the soup to start and roasted sweet potatoes for the pie to finish.

Fresh eggs for Thanksgiving Pie

Thankful that the chicken's layed fresh eggs this morning so that I can make a sweet potato pie!

Mauthe's Creole Cream Cheese

I am very thankful to Mr. Henry Mauthe,
the creator and producer of the original and most delicious
Mauthe's Creole Cream Cheese,
It makes our dinner table complete and special,
for Thanksgiving, and everyday!


Fluffy Puffy Clouds

Carousel in Winter

There is something so magical about a
the Carousel in Winter...
All lit up against a dark grey sky..
Horses and other beasts ready to fly against the wind
inside a warm wooden shelter,
while the wind and rain blows cold outside
the candy colored window panes and
lights glisten behind the
grey spanish moss in the oaks.

Jingle, Jangle, Jingle,

Here comes Mr. Bingle...
With a message from Kris Kringle..
It's getting to be that time of year again.

Sunset on the Lake

First camellia of the season

The first camellia of the season bloomed this week. It was debutante. I lovely pink fluffy bloomer. The bush was not doing so well since the big snow last year so I am glad that it is happy and surviving this year.


First cold of the season.

A cold rain fell this weekend. Slow and steady..Well, we lit a fire in the stove and we had some root vegetables and lentils for dinner, but chills and sore throat have descended on us this weekend. I hope that the sun comes out and chases the chills away...

Go Tell Aunt Rhody

It has been a sad day.
We lost our last beautiful white Embden goose yesterday.
His name was "Hans". I'm not sure what killed him, but he had a circular wound on his face. At first, I thought it might be a from a bullet, as it was very round and extremely swollen, but then I thought it may be a puncture wound from an animal attack, as there was a smaller wound to the left and esp. since it seemed to have happened at night. I am not sure how here died, but I will miss him very much. So do the other geese. They are very upset and the older female is calling for him and making the rounds looking for him. Hans, like other Embdens, had the most beautiful blue eyes...


Think Happy Thoughts!

I was asked to make a prop- The pirate's poison cake for a local High school production of Peter Pan.. Here it is- about 2 ft high- lightweight 5 inch foam and wedding tulle, silk flowers, paint and of course glitter!