A close up of an unfurling "Debutante". A beautiful example of a full peony form bloom. light pink and medium sized. It was imported by Magnolia Gardens in the early 1900's. How fitting that it blooms now in the season, giving us beauty and hope in Winter.

New Bloom

Mathotiana "Purple Dawn"

Old favorite- imported form Europe to the United States in the 1840's by Magnolia Gardens. A rose form formal double blooms crimson, and fades to a purple edges. Blooms are very large and it has a compact upright growth. It brings a bit of red and joy to a dreary winter garden.

Camellias Feed the Bees in Winter

In turn, the bees pollenate the Camellias and help the bloooms to open. That's why I don't recommend the use of pesticides on camellias.

Chilli Poised to Pounce

Nandina Berries


Narcissus Blooms

Chilli 2010

Bubble and Squeak Dasblauhaus style!

Cabbage stewed in duck gravy with green onions and celery, covered with creamed black eyed peas, topped with flax and sesame toast covered with a sunny side up fresh "layed today" egg, garnished with a mixture of fresh thyme, tarragon, rosemary and oregano. Served with chicory coffee or sweet tea.
Happy New Year everyone!