Hyla cinerea

We used to have just one frog in the mailbox
Everyday we would get the mail and
he would be there- so we named him "Prince"
Now he has a friend that we nicknamed "Princess"
They both hang out in the mailbox together.

North Porch

The geese love to graze in the north yard.

Striped blooms

I bought this Rose-
and it is finally blooming.
I like the striped roses-
although they don't have much scent-
they remind me of camellias.

Big Charolais

Our neighbor's Charolais Bull is beautiful.
Just don't get to close to him or his girls...


Bootsie is a new cat
that has been hanging around with Lakeview
and especially around feeding time...
We nicknamed it Bootsie

Shallot blooms

These are Shallot blooms.
Aren't they exotic?


Lemon mint blooms

I got it on sale.
It's Lemon mint and what a crazy bloomer!
it s positively Suessian!

Honeysuckle - Lonicera japonica

These honeysuckle vines smell so sweet at night.
They are really blooming this year.

Blackberries are ripening now

We picked a half gallon and had them with fresh cream and sugar...


Yellow Bellied Turtle ( slider)

We recently had
about 10 inches +
of rain in our area
and the creeks and bayous
rose and this little guy
popped up
as did numerous snakes
and frogs and other creatures,
displaced momentarily by the rising waters...
We helped him cross the road
so he would not get squashed.