Two Snuggling Baby Wrens

Nap time

Cautious Chick Close-up

Hungry Chicks refelected in a mirror

Baby Chicks refelected in a mirror

Wren Chicks Update

Citrus- Set this year

Louisiana Sweet- Set first this year

Broken fig Branch- time to put up the netting

To try and stop the "night creatures"( raccons & opossums) from destroying our tree!

First Picked Figs of 2010

Did you know that figs are pollinated by Wasps??
There are 900 species of fig wasp, and each is responsible for pollinating one or two species of fig plant. Without these tiny insects, there would be no figs -- and vice versa.
Yes- do not kill or spray wasps if you want to get figs!
Click here to learn more about figs and wasps

We Love our Figs on Salad

This is it for Asian Pears

The Fireblight got us good this year : (

Grapes are ripening

Goose Parade

The new studio sign at night

Into the Wind...

Perfect weathervanes-
Killdeer always point into the wind..
They would make a great sailing companion!

En garde!

Killdeer activity at Dusk in the Parking Lot

While getting into my car at dusk
in the parking lot of a local store
I noticed a flurry of killdeer activity.