Homemade Brunost, Mesost, Gjetost, & Messmor

When making butter and cheese this weekend- I tried my hand at one of my favorite whey cheeses ( not really a cheese since it is made from whey- ( no way!)
GJetost, and Messmør and Mesost- goat and cow's milk whey reduced and caramelized cheeses.. Buttery, sweet and high in iron and protein and a favorte of skiers...
It takes forever- ( about 6-8 hours) to simmer the whey down- but then it is like making pralines.. or a good dark roux.
I love it.
Brunost- brown cheese
Mesost- made with cow whey
Gjetost- goat whey
Messmor- buttery mesost spread.
They are truly the Godiva of cheeses!
here are some photos of the process: