Homemade Brunost, Mesost, Gjetost, & Messmor

When making butter and cheese this weekend- I tried my hand at one of my favorite whey cheeses ( not really a cheese since it is made from whey- ( no way!)
GJetost, and Messmør and Mesost- goat and cow's milk whey reduced and caramelized cheeses.. Buttery, sweet and high in iron and protein and a favorte of skiers...
It takes forever- ( about 6-8 hours) to simmer the whey down- but then it is like making pralines.. or a good dark roux.
I love it.
Brunost- brown cheese
Mesost- made with cow whey
Gjetost- goat whey
Messmor- buttery mesost spread.
They are truly the Godiva of cheeses!
here are some photos of the process:


  1. High protein, low fat: a cheese superfood!

  2. I love this stuff, but cannot find where to buy it in the Chicago land area.

  3. Make some yourself! It is not that difficult. Use a copper or stainless pan.. or even corning ware glass.. but do not use aluminum. " Do not use aluminum as the acids from the cheese will eat away at the aluminum and leach into your cheese. Enamel pots may be used ONLY if there are no chips or cracks in the enamel in the pot. It is best to stick with non-reactive pots like Stainless Steel. "