Deer in the HeadLights

She was a cute and she had many friends with her. They were foraging for leftover popcorn and other human treats at the local park. Hungry but very graceful, they looked well fed. Amazing how their eyes reflected the camera flash so brightly.

Winter Light

In Winter, the Sun dips way south and illuminates the metal panels behind the wood burning stove, lighting up the room in the rosy pinks of dawn.

Knitting Graphited Fiberglass

Our stove is an old model and I needed to replace some fiber frax on the back- couldn't find any. So I bought some graphite coated fiberglass rope, unwound it and knitted my own. Made a mess of my hands and gloves- but it works just fine.

Chilly? Come join us by the fire...

Vog's Fire from Vog Thorstar on Vimeo.

Warmth in our House, is the Fire in the Wood-burning Stove

Our House is as Blue as the Sky

Happiness is a Stocked Woodpile


Christmas Dinner

Slow roasted Leg of Lamb with Minted Jezebel Sauce, Hand Mashed Potatoes with Lamb drippings and baby portabello gravy, Steamed broccoli florets with lemon juice and chopped Melissa (lemon balm), Grilled green onions ( the man of the house's favorite) and a Louisiana citrus /tomato salad with a Pepper vinegarette.Sweet Green tea with lemon.
Hot chocolate for dessert.

Truly Hand Mashed Taters

Christmas Gifts from the Chickens-Thanks Girls!

A Favorite at our house for Christmas Music - Sing along!

More Music for Christmas from Prague

Joyeux Noel!

Christmas Stollen

Delicious with Café Au Lait for Breakfast while the
Chef prepares the feast- Lamb and root vegetables
are in the oven roasting now...

Merry Christmas from Our House to Yours


The Dawn's Early Light

Time for Pumpkins

Cool Mist

Celematis Cascade

White Asters and Clematis

Blue Asters Covered in Dew

The Hummingbirds have Flown South

Their feeders are full of yellow jackets now. The Canadian Geese are flying through and the rafts of White Pelicans are heading for inland marshes.. The clouds of migrating Monarch butterflies have left the Lake and the last few stragglers are feeding on the leftver Lantana blossoms...Time to sow the Rye Grass seeds.. Winter is a comin' in...


Hummingbirds Feeding

Hummingbird Study #1 from Vog Thorstar on Vimeo.

Hummingbirds at our Feeder

Hummingbird Study #2 from Vog Thorstar on Vimeo.

Hummingbirds Chirping at their Chandelier

Geese Honking too at the start.

Goose Honks and Hummingbird Chirps from Vog Thorstar on Vimeo.

Pickle Progress

Here is how I make fresh bread and butter pickles:
I use 1 cup of vinegar
1/4 cup of sugar ( or 1/2 cup of sugar if you like them sweeter)
1 tsp of salt
3 bay leaves fresh from the garden
2 springs of fresh tarragon from the garden
4 Sprigs of Dill chopped fine fresh from the garden (or two tsp of dried)
1 tsp of mixed whole peppercorns
1 tsp of whole cloves
1 tsp of ground black pepper
5 whole and sliced garlic cloves
1/4 sliced yellow onion
(I like the flavor of yellow onions better-
you can also used pearled onions- they look lovey)
a few slices of red or purple bell pepper
a few sliced baby carrots
sliced fresh cayenne pepper
NOTE:If you like it HOT-keep the seeds. Use cayenne fresh if you have them in your garden- Jalepeno's give a different flavor and heat- I prefer cayenne- but use the pepper of your choice- Fresh is important if possible.
If you do not have fresh cayenne- try 2 tsp of crushed red peppers
If you do not like hot pickles- do not add red or black pepper at all
and avoid or reduce the garlic to one clove instead of five

Cucumbers- either speared or sliced- your call-
Mix all ingredients and shake vigorously.
place in sterile jars-( I use my emptied wheat germ containers-they work nicely)
Fill liquid to top to ensure vegetables are covered
( I top off with with little more vinegar if necessary)
Store in fridge and shake daily for a week.
Eat second week- toss after 6 weeks.
They are great tucked into sandwiches and wraps