Asian Pears

This year we had lots of cool weather so we actuall had a good year for the asian pear trees.
They are tart and really crisp and great for baking.
It's fun to watch the chickens jump straight up and try to eat the ones on the lower branches.
They were rather small to medium sized- but delicious.


We did not place the bird guard netting on our few blueberry bushes this year, but even with the wild birds and deer sharing with us- the additional sunshine due to the tree loss and the much needed rainstorms this spring helped to pruduce some nice medium size blueberries, which were great on cereal for breakfast.
I never collected enough at one time for canning, or for a pie, but what few we did get, were not too bad.

Wild Blackberries

Because we did not cut all of the yard at all in the last two years,
The wild blackberries have thrived.
The deer know this too.
But we did manage to get some before they did.
As a result of the success with wild blackberries,
we have decided to continue to allow the brambles to grow in certain areas of the yard.
Two varieties did well.
The sweet early dewberries, plum and watery, with lots of juice and very large,
and the smaller drier, but intensely sweeter smaller deerberries.
The thornless variety that I planted 3 years ago has not done well at all.


This year we were more successful in growing tomoatoes.
We planted small plants from the local feed store;
Better Boy, Creole tomatoe, Beefsteak and roma.
Despite some early setbacks caused by two small voracious catepillars,
we did ok.
We will definitely try tomatoes again.
The spinach seedlings set, but that and the Baby Bok choi
got gobbled by the free range chickens!
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