Rubus fruticosus

Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Rosales
Family: Rosaceae
Subfamily: Rosoideae
Genus: Rubus

It's time to pick blackberries- which means- long sleeves- long pants, boots, and of course watch out for poison ivy and snakes- but oh YUM are they good!

Prunus caroliniana

Although I have wild cherry laurel trees everywhere- I can't seem to beat the birds and wildlife to them!
But this year I actually got three before they did!! Whoohoo!!

Prunus caroliniana
Carolina cherry laurel, cherry laurel
Family: Rosaceae (rose Family)

Handsome Harry

For the first time since we have lived here, Handsome Harry (Rhexia virginica) has appeared in our yard, maybe its since we haven't mowed the lawn yet!!

Gardenias Bloom now!

the gardenias are beginning to bloom now..tey smell sweet and strong, and I love gardenia blossom fritters sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon!

Communion roses

These roses bloomed in my garden for my nieces first communion...


Spring has sprung & Summer has come!

Lots going on since my last post... Hummingbirds have arrived, although sparsely..
TONS of lightning bugs ( fireflies) this past week- JUST MAGICAL!! the camera cannot capture it.. Neither can the digital video.. but it is amazing..
Dewberries have ripened and have been eaten by the birds, geese, opossums and racoons!!
I picked a half a cup and served them with shortbread and Mr. Mauthe's original creole cream cheese! YUMMERS!! I love Louisiana.
The blackberries should ripen after this weekend's projected rains.
We coverd a few of the newly planted blueberries with netting.
The strawberries are slow but still producing a bit- they are so, soooo sweet!
Pictures soon.