The bees knees

This morning when
we went out early
to walk the dog
and feed and water
the animals-
We heard lots
and lots of buzzing!
We looked down and
noticed that all the
bumble-bees were
buzzing and landing
on the grass
all over the
front yard.
I photographed
them and with the
aid of a close up
camera lens and a
closer look,
you can see that
they are gathering
the pollen
from the little
purple blooms
on the grass.
They are so small
that it is hard
to see the purple
grass blossoms-
but the bees see them!-
The large yellow dots
on the side of the
bees knees are
round balls of
pollen that
the bees have
Imagine that!

What if we had to store our lunch and dinner on the back of our knees until we could get it home to eat it?