The gulf clouds are beautiful this time of year and the air is so much softer and cooler with moisture. These are some views from our daily drive.

Sprouting Sprouts

Been growing my own sprouts again- radish, broccoli, alphalfa, mung, sunflower, lentil mix. So delicious and filling when they are fresh- so easy to sprout too!

Bison burgers

We made ground Bison burgers last night. The dogs guarded the stovewhile it was cooking and barked when it was done. It is so lean. I added rice, wheat germ, fresh cilantro and egg to the mix as well as peppers and cooked it slowly on medium heat-Serve it on whole wheat- with fresh farmers cheese and basil from the garden it is so delicious!

Low salt fresh farmers cheese

Made some fresh cheese last night- had it today with fresh tomatoes and basil form the garden on a few crackers.. delicious and creamy- low salt. The kitty-cats came running for the whey, with the geese not far behind them..