Tiffany Rose

Julio Iglesias Rose

This rose doesn't bloom very often- but I love it's unexpected and unpredictable stripes!

White Clematis

the geese just about killed it last year and I thought it was gone...
It came back nicely this year.

Mushroom cap

Butterfly Favorite-Lantana

Or- as my grandma called them- "Ham and eggs"

Time for new wood

Praying mantis on the roses


Fall decorations at the gate

Watch Chef Chili Sugarfoot Making Biscuits

Chef "Chili" Sugarfoot

We have a new addition; his name is Chef "Chili" Sugarfoot, since he is constantly "makin' biscuits" and he was acquired on the way to get some chili for my husband for dinner. He is about 4 months old. He had been surviving on chicken nuggets and other hand outs. We got him fixed and his vacs and wellness check. Now he is sleeping contentedly on the porch.