Raising your own Chickens for Fresh Eggs

This year for the first time I have had three different people ask for my help in getting a few chickens to raise in their backyard. I also had a young man raise his own ducks from eggs after he saw my baby ducks. I suppose it is a sign of hard economic times- and also the desire to live more in accordance with nature. Three of my local feed stores ran out of all the baby chicks that they had ordered in one day!!! That is most unusual. I am glad that people are more interested in not only the food that they eat and where it comes from, but also in living more economically.
So, since many people are asking about how to raise chickens-

Here are a few of my favorite links on raising chickens:

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Backyard Chickens:

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My Pet chicken:

my pet Chicken coops

The Country Chicken:




The ducklings have grown

Tiny & Tasty

Our first strawberry of the season...

Yes- I brake for Wisteria

Spring has Sprung!

Ok- The Vernal Equinox came last Friday- The world tilted ( ha!) and the garden is very happy for the extra sunshine!!! The lillies and blackberry blossoms are very plentiful this year.. Take a look!


Big Black Cat !

Any idea what this is?
Look at the size of his claws!! He is at least twice the size of our regular cats that hang out by the coop and he showed up when the geese started dissapearing....
bobcat, lynx, panther, cougar, big bad tom????