The Lampyridae have landed!

The First Lightning Bugs of the year flash tonight!
The dog took us for a walk and there they were, flashing the night away...
They are so delightful to watch- and they respond when you flash a flashlight at them. But they are such a challenge to photograph!
To find out more about Lightning bugs...
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Watering the Herb Garden

Jazz on the Northshore - The Dew Drop Inn Doorway

Cherokee Roses Bloom Now

Fresh Louisiana Strawberries!

The Great Louisiana BirdFest April 16 – 18, 2010

Interested in knowing more about Louisiana's Bird population?
The Great Louisiana BirdFest is held each year in the Spring when many species are migrating north through Louisiana from Mexico and South America.
for a birding checklist click here http://losbird.org/checklist.htm
It's a great event. Bring a friend!!!