Passionflower ( Passiflora incarnata) Bloom

In South Louisiana I grew up calling these Maypop!
They are also known as-Espina de Cristo ; Christus-Krone; Christus-Strauss; Dorn-Krone; Jesus-Leiden; Marter; Muttergottes-Stern; Clock-flower; Tokeisō ; Krishnakamala; Tumbos and Lilikoʻi. The flavoring of Hawaiian punch comes from the Liliko'i vine's fruit. The "passion" refers to the Passion of Christ- and there is much religious symbolism referenced in the shapes of the flower and vines. There are over 500 species in the genus Passiflora! Click on the title above to connect to the Passionflower Research Network and lean more
and/ or click here for the the Passiflora Society International

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