Jackie O. Sparrow

When we first got our new chicks, there waas one that was the most lovely and demure, and as she has grown, she has also shown grace, eccentricity, and most of all courage and leadership. So, we have decided to name her after two people. One that we think shows tremendous quiet grace, courage and leadership, esp. of women; Jackie Onassis. Also, since she is colored like a little sparrow, and she is eccentric and sometimes awkward and furtive, and a decendent of chickens imported by Pirates,who often sport mustaches, even though they are hens, we named her Sparrow, after Jack Sparrow.
Hence her name "Jackie O. Sparrow"!

Here is her photo coming home as a baby chick for the first time. That is her on the left with the dark lovely head of fine baby feathers. I will try to capture her current visage soon and post it also. If you have any other names that you would like to suggest for the remaining hens, drop us a comment below. Please check back soon!

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