From a grass lawn to a Vegetable garden.. Get Growing!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.. Been very, very busy.
I have been documenting the lush Spring garden blooms and happenings and will hopefully post them later this weekend. Hope that you are planting something today in YOUR garden!! lettuce and bush beans and tomatoes are great things to start with!
Check with your local Feed store, County Agent and Agricultural center about w3hat grows best where you are. Start small with a kitchen herb garden, or flowers. Turn your front yard or back yard lawn into your grocery garden...
Do you eat grass?? NO? then Why are you growing it???

Renegade Garden Show
How to make a raised bed for your garden
Don't want to bend down to garden as you age?
No Problem- Build a Raised Garden rack!
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and here for the raised garden website and plans
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Converting a lawn to garden

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