The Visit from the large Panther, Melanistic Jaguar, or Leopard

In the first week of February, I heard the geese outside around the North Porch making a racket. I needed to take out the garbage, so I put my shoes on and went to see what it was all about.
I walked out and saw a black cat out of my eye and thought- another mouth to feed!
Then Lakeview, one of our cats came towards me and I realized that the scale was very wrong. He was small and the Black cat was HUGE! It was much larger than our Lab-Mix Dog!
I looked again more carefully and saw at least a 100 lb black cat staring at my geese.
Not me, my geese.
I dropped the garbage and yelled- "Shoo! Git!" and it did nothing.
I picked up a piece of corrugated sheet metal that was by the well pump near the porch and shook it at the cat-making a bigger noise,
"Go on!" Shoo!" again- and it got very low to the ground and crept into the bushes by the well, but did not go far and it looked at me this time.
I shook the metal and yelled again- this time it went farther and faster into the woods by the blueberries.

I quickly went back inside and called my husband who said.
Oh it's just a big tom cat. I was not so sure.

I found tracks in the mud, and alerted my neighbors with small children, grandchildren and horses, etc., and told my students when I went to work.

I called it into the Wild Life and Fisheries agents and they said- take a picture. Easier said than done.

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